Home Delivery

Monroe Care Pharmacy offers free delivery of your medications. Medications are delivered directly to your home or office. You can call in for your refills through phone. We can pick up your prescription if you cannot drive and deliver to you when filled. We accept all forms of payment like Cash, Credit and Debit cards (We accept all kinds of Cards including FSA cards).

Transfer of Prescriptions

A quick phone call to our pharmacist is all you need to transfer your prescriptions. We do the rest for you. We assure you are in safe hands. There is no more waiting and no waste of time in the line or through the phone. We provide a speedy and courteous service for all your medication needs.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is also called bubble packaging or calendar packing. It is much convenient way to make patient adhere to their medications. This kind of packaging is mostly used in Long term care facilities, nursing homes or summer camps. These also help elderly patients who live alone or any special needs patient.

Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management is a medical care provided by pharmacists to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients. In simple terms pharmacist at Monroe Care Pharmacy helps patient to manage their medications and get better results out of them. We contact your doctor and solve any issues with any of your medications. The Pharmacist consults with you privately and looks into all the medications that are taken through prescription and over the counter. 1. This eliminates Drug interactions between prescription and over the counter medications. 2. Also, this Improves patient’s medication intake. 3. We will help you save money by finding alternatives if any of your medications are expensive 4. We make sure you are not experiencing any side effects for any of your medications. 5. We will contact your doctor for any refills. This whole process improves all patients’ health. We create a personal medication record and a medication action plan at the end of each visit. We contact your doctor with any kind of problem reported and will refer you to any specialists if needed. We also schedule an appointment for your next visit


Pharmacist at Monroe Care pharmacy will contact your doctor to see if a special formulation is needed for their specific needs. We tailor the medication as per doctor’s instructions. We can add different flavors to mask the taste of some of the drugs which are not palatable. We can also compound medications for your pet and flavor them as per your requirement. Saves you a trip to look out for pet pharmacy .